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Rebranding Community Options

The Holistic Approach to Community Revitalization


Mission Statement:

Rebranding Community Options (RCO) Property Group was founded in 2019 with a mission to uplift, impact and equip residents through the revitalization of inner- city neighborhoods. The mission is made possible through RCO’s real estate investments which allow us to provide quality programs encompassing mental health, financial literacy and nutritional education to members of our communities. Our goal is to help shape healthier communities by laying a literal foundation.

What We Do:

  • We provide high- quality housing options for low- to moderate- income families.

  • We practice a holistic community approach which focuses on social and economical practices, financial literacy and accessibility to healthy food options.

  • We offer affordable student housing to scholars of nearby colleges and universities.

  • We assist with job training for aspiring professionals who are preparing to enter the workforce. 

  • We supply lodging opportunities to first responders and essential workers.

Where Is RCO:

  • Opportunity zones

  • Urban communities

  • Properties within close proximity of colleges and universities

About The CEO:

  • Rebranding Community Options (RCO) Property Group/RCO Partners was founded in 2019 by K. Kearns who knows firsthand the challenges families face when dealing with the hardships of socioeconomic disparities. She learned early on the importance of a firm foundation through the support of her high school educators. Despite these early obstacles, Kearns successfully matriculated through Clark Atlanta University earning her Undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice. Later, she completed her Master of Science in Educational Leadership at Drexel University. Kearns aspires to pay it forward through endeavors like RCO and forthcoming projects. Her motto? “Without struggle, there is no progress” -Frederick Douglass

How You Can Get Involved:

  • Your investment in RCO Partners has the potential to significantly change the trajectory of inner- city communities. This investment could help reshape the lives of families who live within the communities, while simultaneously providing you with valuable investment opportunities.

  • Our CEO possesses firsthand insight  of the challenges these communities face. She can properly identify where resources are most needed, possesses an unparalleled work ethic and maintains her vision., These qualities uniquely position RCO Partners.It is our mission to create lasting real estate improvements that will lead to thorough community revitalization.

Who We Partner With:

  • Through the following network of partnerships, RCO Partners maintains its mission:

    • Colleges/Universities

    • Community members

    • Hospitals

    • Cities/townships

    • Financial investors

    • Crowdfunding

Interested in investing? 

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